New Site – Very Soon!

Jan 21

After months of research and hard work, it’s almost here!!! Stay tuned!!! Share or Bookmark Hide Sites

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Like Us, Like Us! Please, won’t you like us?!?!?!

Dec 16

Among our hundreds of local RelyLocal campaigns across the country, we have tens of thousands of Facebook Fans. However, we’ve never really done much to promote the national brand and campaign. Please visit this link and “like” us! Also, please use the link on the left side of our page to “Suggest To Friends”. (And, obviously don’t...

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Women Entrepreneurs : The RelyLocal Anomaly

Oct 26

I was flipping through my latest copy of The Week this morning and came across a snippet from Scott Shane’s article in The American, Why Are There So Few Female Entrepreneurs? The article is based on a recent report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, showing that women are 60 percent less likely to start a business than their male counterparts. One of the...

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My Latest Nightmare: All staplers are NOT created equal

Sep 02

I don’t make it a habit of sharing my most personal experiences or dreams with strangers on the web, but my latest nightmare seemed relevant enough – only because there is a high probability that it might turn into a reality. The Dream: My wife and I were out driving around when we remembered that we needed a new stapler for the office (which, in and of...

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America’s Greatest Weapons: Innovation and Perspiration

Feb 10

Enough of this vociferation and hesitation! Now is the time for hallucination, innovation, and perspiration! (aka dreams, creativity, and hard work…) Many thanks to the Rev. Jesse Jackson for the inspiration on the opening line. To further play on the themes of some of our great African American orators (even though I am probably the whitest man in America),...

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Goal #1 : Making local marketing affordable and effective for small business

Nov 04

If you are a small business owner, you understand the challenges inherent in marketing to obtain new customers. First, of course, is the expense. From one-time run in local newspapers costing at least $250, to a minimum billboard contract costing several thousand dollars, local marketing can be a very expensive investment for any small business. Second, the logistics...

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