Message From USA Today: Up yours, local retailer!

Aug 20

I was sitting in a cute little (independent) coffee shop in Seattle when I read this article from USA Today’s Gregory Connne, where he advocates; “Swing by the brick-and-mortar store to see exactly what you want, but try looking on one of these websites — there’s a good chance you will find that machine for less” – Gregory Connne My...

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RelyLocal Reports 325% Q2 Growth, Searches for New Partners Across U.S.

Jul 21

RelyLocal, LLC, a privately owned Oregon company reports a 325% increase in Q2 revenues, compared to the same period in 2010. "Obviously, we are quite pleased," noted company co-Founder, Steve Ramsey. "But, we had actually actually scaled back on launching new territories in Q2 in an effort to control the growth while we focused on on the development of new programs that will go public in Q3."

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Borders Bookstores Is Closing – Bittersweet News For Indy Booksellers?

Jul 19

After not being able to find a last-minute savior, the Borders Group will begin closing its remaining 399 stores as soon as Friday, and the liquidation is expected to run through September. To be honest, this might not be the worst news for communities, as a 2002 study showed that for every $100 spent at a local Borders, only $13 stayed in the community (vs. $45/$100...

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“People at Play” – Brilliant!

Jul 13

I often find myself yelling at the television in the background that usually plays while I’m working. Usually it has to do with politics or some weird crime. But today I found myself yelling, “Brilliant!” With the economic downturn having a devastating effect on the housing market, many construction companies have found themselves in dire straits....

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Donald Trump Is Right (albeit cooky) – The U.S. Needs To Produce Goods To Create Jobs

Jun 28

Say what you want to about Donald Trump, I personally miss his short-lived teasing/hinting run for President. Did I think his “birthing” strategy was ridiculous? Of course! But, when it comes to world economics and the U.S. economy, Donald Trump was making a whole lot of sense. Sure, he speaks in generalities, once referring to some of his more...

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RelyLocal Declares: Independent’s Day! Celebrating Local Businesses on July 4th!

Jun 10

Yes, we know how to spell “Independence” and what makes this country so great! But, what about all of the “Independent” merchants out there who also deserve to be celebrated for their contribution to our communities and way of life? YOU ARE INVITED! : Independent’s Day – July 4, 2011 Your summer spending can have a huge impact on...

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