Buy Local? The Small Business Struggle…..

Jun 28

I was recently sent a message by a local person commenting on a group I work with to help local businesses and the community, it is called The Business Ideas Exchange (BIX) and it stuck with me, do local business owners really want to succeed? Here is the comment….

“This is a good start. I prefer to buy local when possible — and that’s a big “when” because I also expect local businesses to be competitive not just in price but in service. Interesting how some local businesses choose to “compete” with major retailers by cutting back hours and service! If you’re not open when I need you and you don’t stock what I need at a competitive price, then you won’t get my business. It’s good to say “buy local” and I like to do it but it’s also a two-way street. You can’t cut back on hours, service and stock and expect people to flock to your store. Nor can you have an attitude of “I’m doing you a favor by being here.”

I work tirelessly to help local businesses but if they are not willing to realize the “Reality” of the World business climate they will not make it…..see more at

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