Thankful For Everything Local

Nov 25

With Thanksgiving fast approaching, I found myself needing to take a moment to reflect on my own thankfulness for the amazing past year!

Our Partners: We have the amazing honor and privilege to be partnered with hundreds of like-minded individuals across the country who are devoting their lives to rebuilding their local economies in order to help their communities grow and prosper. We had the pleasure to spend time with about fifty of these partners (and their teams) during our fall tour, and – I kid you not – many of these folks have the passion, vision, and support to run for Mayor in their towns! Thanks for being a part of it all with us! We couldn’t do it without you!

Our Members: It’s pretty humbling to have partners join the cause, but it’s a little overwhelming to have tens of thousands of businesses across the country from Hawaii to Florida, joining RelyLocal – not just for the tangible services, but to make a statement, as part of the cause. To put it simply – we are humbly honored by the support of local businesses across the country. It’s why we do what we do every day!

Our Team: We have a fairly odd and distributed team of leadership, management, support, business development, and developers. Some are full time, some are part time, some are freelancers – spread across 10 states. While we all have varied backgrounds, locations, and specialties, we are united by one thing: rebuilding local economies.

Our Own Local Favorites: I live in a small town and I wouldn’t have it any way. This morning I had a quick breakfast at a local diner, only to be greeted by name by both waitresses and cook on my way in and given a “Happy Thanksgiving” hug on my way out the door. I’m just as thankful for my local bookstore who hosts about 14 book clubs each week and supports local authors every day. I’m thankful for the local hardware store that carries the random bits and pieces that I’d never find at Home Depot, I’m thankful for the local barber who’s had his shop on the same corner for 36 years and knows every kid by name. I’m thankful for my local accountant who saves me from grave mistakes that TurboTax can’t touch. I’m thankful for the local coffee shop that supports budding local musicians. I’m thankful for the local movie theater that runs more indie films and documentaries than I ever saw in the “big” city. I’m thankful for the I’m thankful for the farmers and artisans at the Saturday market, helping me eat more freshly and healthily while supporting my neighbors

So – thanks to all of you who make every day such a joy!
– Steve Ramsey
co-Founder of RelyLocal

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