Keep Your Money Where Your Home Is

Feb 07

One of the biggest reasons that we love our collaborative “open source” business model is because we get to be constantly amazed by the talent, creativity, and passion of our partners all across the country. This latest inspiration comes from our partner Judy McKnight in Hendersonville, NC. Great work, Judy! Keep it up! Share or...

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Jim Black for President! (The Cash-Mobster)

Jan 26

I was at a coffee shop early this morning, as an acquaintance and I sat within earshot of each other, reading our respective news papers. He was complaining about how the news cycle is just completely overrun with politics at the moment, surrounding the GOP primaries, and I agreed – groaning, “Argh! Why can’t we read about somebody doing something...

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Our Challenge: A $20 Shift

Oct 21

With all of the attention Wall Street has been getting these days, it reminds us of why we started RelyLocal in the first place… To support the comeback of Main Street across the country! At the end of the day, without a healthy Main Street, there is no Wall Street, right? Your browser does not support iframes. Share or Bookmark Hide...

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Steve Ramsey Talks About Hyper-Local on 9-News (NBC-Denver)

Sep 23

As part of RelyLocal’s national “Local Business Matters” tour, Steve Ramsey is often asked for a quick interview. Yesterday the team was in the Denver area (to support campaigns that are just launching in Parker, Littleton, Highlands Ranch, Broomfield, and beyond in Boulder and Grand Junction.) He had a chance to sit down with Gregg Moss for a...

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The National Tour Begins!

Sep 14

“On the road again…” It’s official – the tour has begun! Tonight: Snoqualmie, WA. Tomorrow: Coeur d’ Alene, ID. Friday: Kalispell, MT. And so on, and so on… 15,000 miles, 32 states, almost 100 events on the schedule so far. Yes – we are completely insane! We’ll be sure to post some of the highlights here on the...

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2011 Fall Tour Is Official

Sep 02

It’s official! RelyLocal’s co-Founders Steve & Megan Ramsey will be touring the country this fall to meet with hundreds of partners and local businesses across the U.S. as part of a 3-month, 36-state, 15,000 mile tour! In addition to speaking with groups on subjects like “Why Local Business Matters In The New Economy” or more hands-on subjects...

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Message From USA Today: Up yours, local retailer!

Aug 20

I was sitting in a cute little (independent) coffee shop in Seattle when I read this article from USA Today’s Gregory Connne, where he advocates; “Swing by the brick-and-mortar store to see exactly what you want, but try looking on one of these websites — there’s a good chance you will find that machine for less” – Gregory Connne My...

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