Carrots, Pigs, & Three Million Dollars

Oct 09

I was recently asked to present a rapid-fire 5-minute presentation at an “Ignite” event on Bainbridge Island (in the Seattle area).  If you haven’t been to an Ignite event, you should find one! If there isn’t one in your area, you should look into hosting one!

Ignite events area a really great way to hear and share new (or old) ideas, always compressed into a 5 minute package, with slides automatically rotating behind the presented every 15 seconds. It’s fun AND challenging evening for the presenters, and I found I could barely talk fast enough to keep up!

Here’s a clip of my five minute presentation:

I’ll be doing a lot of speaking over the next couple of months as part of our National Tour and would love to hear any feedback on my approach or ideas to better communicate the importance of investing in the local economy. What do you think? (Leave your comments below…)

Steve Ramsey
co-Founder of RelyLocal


  1. Lauren Urban /

    You are a natural! Fantastic job!

  2. Leslie /

    Loved your presentation! “Put your money where your Home is”! Perfectly stated!

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