RelyLocal Celebrates Explosive First-Year Growth with Launch of New Website and Community Campaigns

Apr 04

RelyLocal, an Oregon start-up, unveiled its new website today. The release was timed to celebrate their first year in operation, with the launch of local chapters in over 550 cities, supporting over 20,000 local businesses, and creating over 330 new jobs across the country. In addition to a completely new look and enhanced underlying architecture, RelyLocal adds new features to complement their local campaigns, designed to rebuild local economies by promoting the importance of local business. The new platform also allows the company to cut operating costs, continuing to retain at least 90% of membership revenue at the local level.

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What is wrong with our food system? Ask an 11 year-old…

Mar 29

"We can pay the farmer, or we can pay the hospital..." - Birke Baehr

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Sorry, Charlie – Charity it is!

Mar 22

I think this is great. One of our newest chapter owners is putting together a campaign to get his community in Everett, WA to support local charities instead of paying good money to see Charlie Sheen on his Torpedo of Truth tour (whatever that is…) Personally, to me, there is something oddly perverse about paying good money (up to $600, apparently), to watch...

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It’s Almost Here!!!

Dec 16 (and our hundreds of local sites) is about to get a major face lift. Stay tuned… Share or Bookmark Hide Sites

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The Weight Of Walmart (Fun Graphic)

Dec 06

Here’s a great graphic from Frugal Dad that gives some great visual representations of just how HUGE WalMart really is… Rather than spoil the creativity with a summary of the data, check it out for yourself: Source: A little something to think about as you do your Holiday shopping… ;^> – Steve Ramsey Share or...

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What I Want For Christmas: Your Support Of Small Businesses (on Saturday)

Nov 18

I’m not a fan of crowds, so you’d never catch me in the midst of a Black Friday mob. Likewise, I’m too cheap to pay for shipping by shopping online, so I’ll likely sit out on Cyber Monday as well. However, there is one new corporate “holiday” that I will definitely get behind, and that is Small Business Saturday being promoted by...

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