Donald Trump Is Right (albeit cooky) – The U.S. Needs To Produce Goods To Create Jobs

Jun 28

Say what you want to about Donald Trump, I personally miss his short-lived teasing/hinting run for President. Did I think his “birthing” strategy was ridiculous? Of course! But, when it comes to world economics and the U.S. economy, Donald Trump was making a whole lot of sense.

Sure, he speaks in generalities, once referring to some of his more provocative prose as “truthful hyperbole” – but which politician (marketer) doesn’t create their own hype for their own means? I think Trump’s biggest problem was that nobody took him seriously from day one, and the media just wanted to poke fun at the odd tv personality, rather than take him seriously as the wise business leader. (And, like I said – he didn’t help matters much…)

Why I like Donald Trump: He’s the only candidate who seems willing to talk about the current state and future of our struggling economy and how it relates to foreign trade. In short, it doesn’t make sense to continue outsourcing manufacturing to China, and services to India. Not only does it cost American jobs, but it jobs the US economy of precious/needed tax revenues that, for the most part, China is exempt from. The result? Billions of dollars leaving the U.S. economy forever. What’s worse? We pay China to manufacture things for us (that we could build here), before having to turn around and borrow our own money back from China, paying interest to borrow what used to be ours. Trump is right: In order to fix the economy, we need to create jobs. And one sure-fire way to create jobs is to make stuff again…

From CNN: Trump: “China thinks we are dumb SOBs”
(Yes, a couple of his generalities like, “We don’t make anything anymore” bothers me, but he’s making a broader point here…)

Would I have voted for him? Heck, I don’t know. I think his hair might aggravate the North Koreans. But, I certainly appreciated the debate over fiscal and foreign policy that could potentially affect the daily lives of millions of Americans. Instead, it appears we are back to focusing on abortion, gay marriage, and gun rights. (All important conversations to be had, but not directly tied to the financial security of our great nation in these tough times…)

Well done, Mr. Trump. Give me a call some day and I’ll buy you a beer. ;^>
– Steve Ramsey

(This post is not an endorsement by RelyLocal for any presidential candidate – merely a reflection on the issue of foreign trade policies. Steve Ramsey is an independent voter, not affiliated with any party.)

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