Goal #1 : Making local marketing affordable and effective for small business

Nov 04

If you are a small business owner, you understand the challenges inherent in marketing to obtain new customers.

First, of course, is the expense. From one-time run in local newspapers costing at least $250, to a minimum billboard contract costing several thousand dollars, local marketing can be a very expensive investment for any small business.

Second, the logistics can be confusing and rapidly evolving.  As a one-man shop, it can be daunting trying to figure out how to format a file correctly for your yellow pages ad, or how to optimize your web site for relevant keywords. You are an expert in your field, why waste your time and energy worrying about the details of new technology and marketing trends?

RelyLocal was started to give small businesses a cost-effective option to increase their exposure online (and off), while taking over some of the headaches of keeping current. RelyLocal clients are also part of a movement promoting the importance of local business, while their money stays in the local community (each RelyLocal site is owned and operated locally).

SCAM ALERT: There are hundreds (if not thousands) of companies claiming to bring you a gazillion new customers for only $499, or guaranteeing that your site will be on the front page of Google for $200/month (without even knowing anything about your business yet). Don’t fall for it! Not only do these companies rarely make good on their promises, they often do more harm than good!

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  1. small business are great for start-up ventures to know if the market is good~”,


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