Help Wanted: Technical & Customer Support Team Member

Jun 29

Help! We keep growing so fast that we can’t keep up! We need to find the right people to help support our network of amazing partners across the country. If you have the general technical and communication skills needed and want to grow with RelyLocal by making our customer’s day a great day, we want to hear from you!

Technical & Customer Support Team Member
RelyLocal – Corporate Headquarters
Job Title: Level 1 Support Representative
Department: Owner Support Department
Reports to: Support Department Manager

Pay: $12-$18/hr to start, depending on demonstrable knowledge/skills

Primary Job Description:

RelyLocal has approximately 150 territory owners (and their staff) across the country with varying degrees of technical ability. This position exists to assist these owners with various regular tasks, such as:

– Setting up a new email address (in Outlook, Mac Mail, Gmail, etc…)
– How to manage their web-based Admin Panel
– Going through a checklist of requirements to launch a site
– How to set up a Facebook “fan” page or Twitter account

In addition, the person in this position will often be presented with a question related to an error that the user is receiving. 90% of the time there is a simple, standard reply to choose from, but other times it will require a bit of troubleshooting. For example:

– “Why can’t I access my email”
– “Why are my coupons the wrong size?”
– “How do I upload an image?”
– “What is the meaning of life?”

As a last resort, if the support representative and the user can’t solve the issue on their own, it is up to the representative to gather as much relevant information as possible in order to escalate the request to the appropriate team member for further review.

Primary Duties:
About 80% of the work is done via a web-based email support queuing/tracking system. The other 20% will come in via phone (which can be routed to any number anywhere…) As a result, the representative must be a professional, friendly, and efficient communicator. (Lots of typing and talking….)

Primary Skills:
Generally “tech savvy” (not building computers, or writing code, but this is a high-end web based business).
Very knowledgeable of the internet, in general – from a user’s perspective
General understanding of HTML (simple things like bold, italics, and paragraph breaks…)
Understands the basics of how email works
Understands the basics of SEO
Has some experience with Photoshop
Clear and professional communication skills are an absolute necessity!

Personality Type:
We are looking for someone who is an inquisitive self-starter, willing to do their own research to solve a problem. We are looking for someone who believes in RelyLocal’s mission and is willing to go above and beyond the call of duty to help our partners across the country. We are looking for people who want to contribute on a daily basis, not just sit back and earn a pay check…

Schedule / Location
This will be a work-from-home position, so the representative must be highly motivated and trustworthy. Our main office hours are 8-5, M-F, PST. Our Support Department is based out of the Pacific Northwest, but we would be willing to interview candidates with a proven track record of telecommuting.

To Apply:
Send you resume and cover letter to

P.S. If you are looking for local jobs, check out your nearest RelyLocal site, for one of the best local job searches around.

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