“People at Play” – Brilliant!

Jul 13

I often find myself yelling at the television in the background that usually plays while I’m working. Usually it has to do with politics or some weird crime. But today I found myself yelling, “Brilliant!

With the economic downturn having a devastating effect on the housing market, many construction companies have found themselves in dire straits. Rather than shut their doors, business owners Alisa and Jason Bennett took a look at what they had and what they could offer. If you can’t sell the work anymore, sell the experience.

People At Play on Florida’s Gulf Coast is a fantastic example of completely re-inventing a business in hard times. What you do with a fleet of (expensive) construction sitting in storage? Sell the experience, that’s what! Why not turn it into a vacation playground for grown-ups?

Fantastic idea! My hat is off to Alisa and Jason for turning a potential disaster into a completely new market! Next time I’m in the Sarasota area, I’ll stop by for sure!

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