Meet “Dot” – the small business rescue dog!

Jun 21

One of the best things about my job is working with the hundreds of passionate and creative people who are launching RelyLocal campaigns all over the country. Whether sponsoring canned food drives for the needy, or developing hands-on workshops for small business – the dedication of our partners is really what makes our mission stand out in communities.

This week I had a great chuckle. Jon and Christine Randall in the little town of Longview, WA wanted to find a way to help promote local businesses this summer through the various community events – street fairs, parades, trade shows, and the like. To do so, they came up with their own local RelyLocal mascot, “Dot”. Dot is a St Bernard, a breed known both for its loyal companionship, but also for its capability and strength in rescue situations. Dot stands for “Defending Our Turf” – a motto that Jon and Christine take to the streets, dressed in a hot and heavy 7ft tall costume. Dot has already been gaining a lot of attention around town – becoming the new photo opp for residents and tourists alike. They even partnered with a school cheerleading squad at a recent parade to get the RelyLocal message in front of thousands of neighbors.

At the end of the day, I can’t think of a more obvious example of how hard our partners are working to support local business. It might seem like a silly gesture, but who else would be willing to put on a costume (to sacrifice their own dignity) in order to help promote your business? For your sake, not theirs…

Great job, Jon and Christine! We are proud to be working with great people like you every day!
– Steve Ramsey
Co-Founder, RelyLocal

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