Top Franchises In America

Jan 29

Every year, Entrepreneur Magazine releases its list of the top franchise opportunities in the United States. (Because RelyLocal isn’t a franchise, we’ll never be on this list…)

Do you have a cool $10 Million burning a hole in your pocket? If so, the top franchise opportunity for 2012 is to start a Hampton Inn. Don’t have $10 million? No problem – if you just LOVE to make sandwiches, you could become a Subway sandwich artist, launching your own franchise for about $200k. Are burgers more your thing? A McDonald’s franchise will only cost you about $1.5 Million to launch. (Though, let’s be honest – these are all very involved businesses to be launching – not for the faint of heart…)

Some other interesting franchises on the list with more “realistic” budgets are great companies like Anytime Fitness or Jiffy Lube.  Both needing around $300k, with excellent support and brand recognition in the marketplace.

But – what if you want to launch your own business but don’t have the investment capital needed for most up-front franchise fees? What if you want to start your own business but don’t want “big brother” looking over your shoulder, telling you how to act or what to wear? What if you want to launch a home based business that doesn’t involve expensive office leases or costly inventory? What if you want to launch your own business this week???

Well – why not launch a RelyLocal campaign in your area? Why not join the quickly growing family of RelyLocal partners across the country who are devoted to rebuilding their local communities from the ground up? Why not get paid for doing what you are already passionate about? Why not be seen as a local leader and launch a RelyLocal community campaign in your area today?

We may never make it onto Entrepreneur Magazine’s franchise lists, but – that’s because we aren’t actually a franchise. We are a ‘software as a service’ company. We provide the software, training, and support for you to launch YOUR business YOUR way. We’re always here when you need us, but – otherwise, we’ll be out of your way!

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