Donald Trump Is Right (albeit cooky) – The U.S. Needs To Produce Goods To Create Jobs

Jun 28

Say what you want to about Donald Trump, I personally miss his short-lived teasing/hinting run for President. Did I think his “birthing” strategy was ridiculous? Of course! But, when it comes to world economics and the U.S. economy, Donald Trump was making a whole lot of sense. Sure, he speaks in generalities, once referring to some of his more...

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The Weight Of Walmart (Fun Graphic)

Dec 06

Here’s a great graphic from Frugal Dad that gives some great visual representations of just how HUGE WalMart really is… Rather than spoil the creativity with a summary of the data, check it out for yourself: Source: A little something to think about as you do your Holiday shopping… ;^> – Steve Ramsey Share or...

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Eat Local (as much as you can)

Oct 23

Many people ask me about ways to support local local food providers. My usual answer is, “You can’t be lazy. You might have to do a little homework.” With very few local grocery stores left standing in 2010, the big boys simply (and somewhat understandably) can’t be bothered with stocking their produce, meat, and dairy sections with truly...

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Google it!

Jul 16

I was a little surprised when Google noticed an error in my query. It's pretty exciting to see that Google (aka "the world") already thinks that the fictitious concatenation "RelyLocal" is a more valid query than "rely" and "local", two words that have been in existence for ages.

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Good News For Local Restaurants

Jul 14

OAK BROOK, IL—The McDonald's Corporation announced Tuesday that it will close 175 restaurants and cut nearly 600 corporate jobs, responding to a plunge in stock prices blamed on a depressed economy and rising consumer interest in actual food. McDonald's Stock Graph "Though still America's number-one hamburger retailer," McDonald's CEO Jim Cantalupo said, "we have entered a brief period of restructuring due to the steady growth of other convenience eateries and, more significantly, growing competition from producers and distributors of demonstrably nutritive matter, i.e. food."

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Book Review: Big-Box Swindle – A Must Read!

Jun 16

Big-Box Swindle – The True Cost of Mega-Retailers and the Fight for America’s Independent Businesses By Stacy Mitchell (Beacon Press, Paperback, 9780807035016, 344pp.) If I had to recommend one book on marketing, sailing, or theology it would be nearly impossible for me to choose. However, if someone were to ask me to recommend one book that explains why...

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