Jim Black for President! (The Cash-Mobster)

Jan 26

I was at a coffee shop early this morning, as an acquaintance and I sat within earshot of each other, reading our respective news papers. He was complaining about how the news cycle is just completely overrun with politics at the moment, surrounding the GOP primaries, and I agreed – groaning, “Argh! Why can’t we read about somebody doing something...

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Steve Ramsey Talks About Hyper-Local on 9-News (NBC-Denver)

Sep 23

As part of RelyLocal’s national “Local Business Matters” tour, Steve Ramsey is often asked for a quick interview. Yesterday the team was in the Denver area (to support campaigns that are just launching in Parker, Littleton, Highlands Ranch, Broomfield, and beyond in Boulder and Grand Junction.) He had a chance to sit down with Gregg Moss for a...

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RelyLocal Reports 325% Q2 Growth, Searches for New Partners Across U.S.

Jul 21

RelyLocal, LLC, a privately owned Oregon company reports a 325% increase in Q2 revenues, compared to the same period in 2010. "Obviously, we are quite pleased," noted company co-Founder, Steve Ramsey. "But, we had actually actually scaled back on launching new territories in Q2 in an effort to control the growth while we focused on on the development of new programs that will go public in Q3."

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Donald Trump Is Right (albeit cooky) – The U.S. Needs To Produce Goods To Create Jobs

Jun 28

Say what you want to about Donald Trump, I personally miss his short-lived teasing/hinting run for President. Did I think his “birthing” strategy was ridiculous? Of course! But, when it comes to world economics and the U.S. economy, Donald Trump was making a whole lot of sense. Sure, he speaks in generalities, once referring to some of his more...

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Meet “Dot” – the small business rescue dog!

Jun 21

One of the best things about my job is working with the hundreds of passionate and creative people who are launching RelyLocal campaigns all over the country. Whether sponsoring canned food drives for the needy, or developing hands-on workshops for small business – the dedication of our partners is really what makes our mission stand out in communities. This...

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RelyLocal Celebrates Explosive First-Year Growth with Launch of New Website and Community Campaigns

Apr 04

RelyLocal, an Oregon start-up, unveiled its new website today. The release was timed to celebrate their first year in operation, with the launch of local chapters in over 550 cities, supporting over 20,000 local businesses, and creating over 330 new jobs across the country. In addition to a completely new look and enhanced underlying architecture, RelyLocal adds new features to complement their local campaigns, designed to rebuild local economies by promoting the importance of local business. The new platform also allows the company to cut operating costs, continuing to retain at least 90% of membership revenue at the local level.

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