Tangible Tears

Mar 05

I'm not an overly emotional guy, but I am a sucker for a good under-dog story. Earlier this week I had the pleasure of speaking with Tom and Angi who own and operate RelyLocal in the Prescott, AZ area... ...At the end of the call, I tried to retell the stories to our staff. I couldn't. I was too happy, too proud, too excited! I'd be lying if I said I didn't break down a little bit...

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Why you should care about local business

Nov 08

Rather than re-invent the wheel, I thought I’d just link to a couple of articles and sitesĀ  that I found interesting. From an Express Milwaukee article titled, The Importance of Buying Local: “For every $100 spent at a local bookstore or CD store, $45 stayed in the local economy. For every $100 spent at Borders, however, the local economic impact was...

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Goal #1 : Making local marketing affordable and effective for small business

Nov 04

If you are a small business owner, you understand the challenges inherent in marketing to obtain new customers. First, of course, is the expense. From one-time run in local newspapers costing at least $250, to a minimum billboard contract costing several thousand dollars, local marketing can be a very expensive investment for any small business. Second, the logistics...

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